A Powder Room You Never Want to Leave!!
January 11, 2016

BEFORE                                                       AFTER

blg3_img1            blg3_img2

It’s here! It’s Here! I finally got the photos for my Showhouse Powder Room!  What started out as “Oh So Sad” 90’s dark and dreary Powder Room transformed into an “Ooo La La” retreat that makes you want to live there forever.


The inspiration for this room was “Modern Tiffany Bling”.  I started by removing the existing dark cabinet and designing a new clean line piece with bluish-green paint, and adding silver details to the front and feet.  The cabinet color was carried up to the stripe in the crown to balance out the room.  Then, the corroding brass fixtures were replaced by polished a silver faucet and ribbed glass sink (both by Kohler).  Of course, with a new cabinet comes a new counter (Calcutta) as well as a new floor (1×2 Calcutta Brick by Thorntree). I then relocated the small sconces from the side walls to the back walls and replaced them with industrial style pendants.

BEFORE                                                    AFTER

blg3_img3           blg3_img4


The next thing that had to go was the mirrored wall next to the “fabulous” black commode.  ICK! (You can see the reflection of the toilet in the mirrored wall).  Well, I couldn’t just throw a piece of art on the wall…that would be boring and where’s the “bling” in that?  So, I added three horizontal niches with LED lights to give it that Tiffany’s jewelry store shine.  The existing chandelier “got the boot”, too.  It was upgraded to a polished nickel drum shade with glass drops.



So what in the world do you put in those niches?  When I built them, I didn’t have a clue.  I had already selected the white wallcovering by Thibaut and silver niche wallcovering by Innovations but what now?  I wasn’t worried…I always think of something…right?  Well, I woke up in the middle of the night just two weeks before the installation and had an epiphany…Glass inside of glass!  I found glass Ball Jars and different shaped mini vases (from Hobby Lobby…go figure) accompanied by sleek perfume bottles.  Then I filled the mini vases with birdseed to show off the shapes, and then added some painted twigs and…Voila!

BEFORE                                                    AFTER

blg3_img6           blg3_img7


My last challenge was to decorate a curved wall…which is always difficult.  I didn’t want to do one large piece because the ends would stick out too much and I didn’t want to leave it blank so I decided on a collage.  I found some decorative frames (again, at Hobby Lobby…weird), and painted a few of them with my cabinet color.  Then I hung winter themed items as well as a pendant and custom-made (by me) string of silver beads with a chandelier gem.  I also carried this over to the wall above the commode.


The idea of the frames is that as the seasons change, you can change out the winter items for photos, other pendants, etc.  I don’t normally DIY my designs because it takes quite a bit of time and it ends up costing my clients more than just finding something ready made.  However, when doing a showhouse you have to get financially creative because whatever you don’t sell, you own!


I love, love, love my Powder Room and my only regret is that it’s not in my own house…perhaps it’s time for a change!


Photography by: Miro Dvorscak