Can’t Miss this Most Misunderstood Design Product
January 6, 2016

“Wallpaper is back in?” If one more person asks me that…I think I’m going to scream.  Come on people…it has never been OUT!  The word “wallpaper” typically conjures up images of Waverly cabbage roses – but don’t let that be your litmus test for all wallpaper.

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Take the above photo by interior designer Carla Aston…this is wallpaper.  Gorgeous navy with iridescent birds make for a dramatic effect, durability and even a quick lead time.  To get an artist to do this, you might wait 3 months to get on their schedule then another 2+ weeks for them to complete it.  Not to mention how much more it would cost for someone to hand paint all those little birdies!  Yikes!!  With wallpaper, as long as it’s in stock, you can have it in your hands within a week or so (or faster depending on how much you want to pay for shipping.) Then you just need a wallpaper installer..or a really talented friend that you can bribe with food…


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Although I posted this room in another blog, I didn’t address the paper that much.  I fell in love with it because of the two-tone silver dots.  As the light changed throughout the space, so did the dots…very subtle but it gave it an interesting vibe.  One thing to consider, however, when installing white wallpaper is that your walls have to be pristine.  This was a remodel so the walls had to be smoothed out before it could be applied, otherwise the wall texture and tape/float lines would show right through…ick


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Here are some textural looks that are impossible to get with paint alone. On the far left is a cork paper with a cubism pattern by Innovations.  This would look great on walls or a niche or even on a fancy corkboard. On the far right is a Mother of pearl wallpaper, which is used on the ceiling and the middle photo is a cabinet I designed and used glass beaded wallpaper behind the “x” on the cabinet and added a metallic tile in the middle to accentuate it even more.  Just because it’s called “wallpaper” doesn’t mean it’s only for walls!

So don’t fight it…embrace it!  It’s here to stay so just give in already!