I See Right Through You!
February 4, 2016

YUM! This “Arktura Hive Bench” by All Modern is so delicious!  Use this blue steel beauty behind a floating sofa instead of the same boring sofa table…which I abhor.  The center panel of the bench is a mesh metal that is strong enough for seating so when you have company, just pull it around to the front for all to drool!






Nothing opens up a room more than an “airy” piece of furniture!  This “A.R.T. Acrylic Lounge Chair” by Design Lush is great in front of a window or in an entry with a cool wallpaper backdrop. If you can finagle a lamp near it, the light-play would be amazing! Don’t be afraid of the contemporary lines…you can always add a more traditional fabric to soften it.  One cautionary tale on acrylic…it scratches REALLY easy….so pet-owner/parent beware…






Check out THIS wired wonder… the “Alpha Chair” by CB2.  Oh la la!  The brass finish is unexpected, which I love because it can be in a group or stand-alone as a piece of art.  Who wouldn’t love to sit in this everyday at your ebony “live edge” dining table?  Or put this baby in a full-height wall niche and pair it with an acrylic or lacquer floor lamp.  Let’s be real…no one really knows what to do with niches…they just end up at the end of a hall because no one can think of anything interesting to do…in case you didn’t notice…I truly hate niches. However, at least if it’s open to the floor, you can put more than just a plain piece of art or one more knick-knack in it…ick.  But that’s for another blog…


Ciao for now!